Eun Kwang Kim

Senior Consultant, DASSAULT SYSTEMES Korea

Eun Kwang Kim possesses over 15 years of proficiency in Smart City and Urban Development, having been involved in prominent Smart City Projects since the inception of the Ubiquitous City in Korea. One of the distinguished projects includes the Busan Smart City Testbed, which was financed by the government for a duration of three years. Furthermore, he has substantial experience in urban development endeavors, encompassing high-rise building projects in Shanghai, a feasibility study and master planning for a cultural complex development project in Beijing, as well as master planning and feasibility study for Saudi Arabia’s 6th Economic City.

In addition, Mr. Kim has served as an advisor for numerous government agencies, such as KISDI, Korea Industrial Complex Administration, MOLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport), KAIA (Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement), LH, and the Suwon City.

At present, he fulfills the role of a Senior Consultant for City and Public Services at DASSAULT SYSTEMES Korea.