Hyun Gyu Lee

AI PM for Ministry of Science and ICT, IITP

Hyungyu Lee is currently working as an Artificial Intelligence PM at IITP, overseeing the national research and development planning of artificial intelligence projects for the Ministry of Science and ICT. He has worked as a professor at KAIST’s Smart Energy AI Research Center, held positions as the head of the Community Group and the Mobile Center at Naver, and served as the head of the Open Platform Department at KT. Furthermore, he played a significant role in the listing of venture company Handysoft on the KOSDAQ as a founding member, founded the home network venture company iCross Technology, and worked as a marketing manager for telecommunications and portal businesses at Microsoft Korea.

As a result of these experiences, he has received recognition including the ‘New Software Product Award (Minister of Science and Technology Award)’, the ‘Intelligent Home Network Technology Innovation Award (Prime Minister’s Award)’, and the ‘Presidential Commendation for Advancing National Spatial Information’.