Hyeongjin Byeon

Director of the Tech Center at ESTsoft

He serves as the Director of the Tech Center at ESTsoft. He leads the research and development of AI technologies and services, including the creation of global top-quality photo-realistic digital humans. Additionally, he oversees the development of the ALTools suite, a family of the most widely used PC applications in Korea. Notably, he was honored with the Korea Software Technology Award in 2022 by the Korea Software Industry Association.

In his prior role, he served as the Director of the A.I. PLUS Lab at ESTsoft, where he delved into artificial intelligence and deep learning to address challenges in areas such as digital humans, natural language processing, information security, time-series data, and finance. His team has not only presented their research at top-tier conferences like ICML and ICLR but also secured first place multiple times over the years in the AI Grand Challenge, receiving the Minister of Science and ICT Awards.

Previously, he worked as the Development Team Leader for zum.com, Korea’s top3 web portal, and played a key role in its spin-off from ESTsoft and the development of its web search engines and services.