Hyeong Hwan Joo

Former Minister of Industry, Trade and Energy of Korea

Before serving as Minister of Industry, Trade and Energy, Mr. Joo was Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance (Jul 2014 – Dec 2015). He also worked in the Blue House and was the Secretary to the President for Economy and Financial Affairs (March 2013 – July 2014).
Minister Joo also served as Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Strategy and Finance (Jan 2012 – March 2013).
While serving at the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Joo also held leadership positions in the International Economic Affairs Bureau (Sept 2009 – Apr 2011) and the Growth Infrastructure of Policy Coordination Bureau (Feb 2009 – Sept 2009). Prior to rejoining government in 2009, Minister Joo was a Senior Advisor for Science, Technology, and Innovation at the Inter-American Development Bank (Dec 2005 – May 2008).
Joo graduated from Seoul National University and received a master’s degree in business administration at the University of Illinois.